Jazz Quartet “S”

To take the time of innovation

Virtuosity – Slowness – Expressivity

Musicians :

Yann Gaël Poncet (Voice, violin, machines)
Jean Paul Hervé (Guitar)
Vincent Lafont (keys)
Philippe Pipon Garcia (Drums).

“S”… Balancements au-dessus du vide.
Lent, calme, doux, étrange et sauvage…
Sonore et silencieux aussi.
“S” est une formation électro-jazz.
Un quartet qui cherche constamment le chemin le plus court jusqu’à nos tripes.



‘‘ ‘‘S’’, c’est la musique de demain. ’’

Laïka Fatien
Chanteuse Jazz

To take part in the musical innovation in the field of European jazz.
To come back to a slow pace of life in a world where everything is accelerating.


Quartet « S » has been conceptualised like a musical lab, a space without constraints other than those chosen by YGP, who composes all of the musics.
It is an ideal space, a place where it is possible to be oneself without limits or restrictions.

Philippe Pipon Garcia, Jean-Paul Hervé and Vincent Lafont are 3 among the most talented musicians of the hexagone. 3 musicians who have always been searching beyond the margins of jazz, and from whom what is expected is the opposite from what is generally expected.

On stage, they rival one another to the point of a musical deflagration.

What they play is a European jazz sometimes flirting with the roughest areas of rock’n roll, offering a musical landscape of chiaroscuro. Its writing is complex yet sensitive. What strikes us in the first place is its singularity, located somewhere between Ravel and Miles Davis, but then it overwhelms us with its most universal dimension.

The way it is interpreted unveils the scratching violin and the high pitched, deep and crystalline voice.

« S » explores in various ways the concept of slowness, which is an excuse to let go and express everything.


January 2017 : Périscope – Lyon

December 2016 : Jazz club de Grenoble

Décember 2016 : Crescent Jazz Club – Mâcon

Practical information :

Artistic Team : 4 musicians

Public : de 7 à 77 ans : from 7 to 77 years. Can be played in front of 60 people (in jazz clubs) or 10 000 people (in a jazz festival)

Environment : Concerts on outdoor or indoor stage.

Concert duration : 1h30

Plateau opening (minimum) : 6 meters open and 4 meters depth.

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