The Fabric of Clouds

For children or rather, for the adults
that they will become.


Writing and composition : Yann-Gaël Poncet and Nicolas Allemand

Musicians : Yann-Gaël Poncet (voice, violin, guitar) and Nicolas Allemand (voice, drums…)

‘‘ The best show I have seen during the 30 years of teaching ’’

School teacher in Poitiers

340 dates in all of France and already more than100 000 people !

This show is for children and is played by two musicians from the Jazz and Classical Music background.

The Fabric of Clouds aims at creating awareness about the environment among the children.

It has been elaborated with the help of professional pedagogues and works well with children from age 5 to 11, but it actually suits the whole family.

It has been played by musicians/comedians aiming at introducing the children to different musical styles.

With the help of a dozen instruments and humouristic songs, it tells the story of two children who have come down to a valley in order to understand why their mountain village has been immersed in pitch darkness for a while after a big, black cloud has covered their house.

The story then goes on about the ways our two companions started a journey full of discoveries and encounters until they found out the city and its factory of black clouds.

We laugh a lot during the show, which immerges us in oceans of joy !

The fabric of clouds has emerged from Nicolas and Yann-Gaël’s desire –rather, their need- to address to young children.

They have thus gathered all of their talents in order to give ways to their beliefs.

The story tells the various ways with which we cope with environmental questions. It allows children to get a glimpse of a crucial issue with the certainty that in everything lies a solution and that we will find it all together, without adding to it any ideological issues !


YGP (singing, violin, guitar, drums, body drums, compositions, lyrics) 

Nicolas Allemand (singing, keys, drums, body drums, flute, taps, compositions…)



Mars 2019 : Le Toboggan – Décines
Février 2018 : Le Radiant Bellevue – Lyon
Mars 2012 : scène nationale d’Orléans


Artistic Team : 2 musicians/comedians
Targeted public : 6-11 years and all public
Environnement : In or outdoors
Duration of the show : 55 minutes
Opening of the plateau (minimum) : 6 meters opening and 5 meters depth

Illustrations : Bernard Nicolas (with the kind authorization of Naturalia Publications)
Décortions : Vincent Masquelier, Créa Décor
Costumes : Macfarlane Création

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