TNL Shajara

Crossing from France – Maghreb (2019-2021).

Desertification and the importance of trees.

Desertification is harming the eath and it is a considerable issue be addressed, but it is also a great opportunity to allow Europe and Maghreb to meet.

75% of the lands of Tunisia (as those of other countries) are threatened by desertification, especially because of farming and breeding which are not adapted to the environment, causing severe deforestation. 

Planting trees is an efficient tool to fight this desertification : the trees trap the sand that is being brought by the winds, thus increasing the fertility and humidity of the soil.

The tree is a source of life :
a symbol of the fight against desertification
and of the dialogue between humans.


The sound

Manufacturing process :

The electronic part of the TNL Shajara is made from a bank of home made specimen. The fact that they have been created by us creates a unique world of sounds.

Some sounds that have been especially recorded for the project by YGP have been modified with the help of a MAO (Computerized music) software in order to enrich the musical quality :

Some small studio pieces have been granted to us by Lofti Bouchrak. They are sounds of various places in Tunisia that have been recorded by YGP during his trips. They are made of street sounds, festivals, having food together, natural sounds, as well as sounds recorded in France such as sounds of the forest, like wood cracking, birds singing, wind blowing in the leaves of the trees…

These sounds have been worked over in order to be recognizable and evoking, and they are sometimes treated as a sound wave in the first place. They have been made totally impossible to recognize. For examples, the sounds of the forest have been used to create a virtual drum.

The bank of sound specimen is now complete and the work of composition has taken place.

The concert

Scenario and traveling :

The TNL Shajara is a trip in between two of the world’s regions that are linked together by their history and geography, crossing from Europe to North Africa.

The show displays a wide series of poetry, short enough so that their words can replace man and tree in a common and larger society. They signify the too often overlooked symbiosis between humanity and the realm of plants.

The musical construction is organized around sharp stylistic cesures, from electro to traditional acoustic. They are two ways of saying the same thing.

The general idea of this creation is to go beyond fusion in order to establish a dialogue valueing each one of both aesthetics.

One of the main goal of this is for jazz to go and explore the musics of the Maghreb.

The Chief guest and his instrumentists plays their music in the purest of traditions and may as well participate to the electro music.


Guests (Voice) + 1, 2 ou 3 musicians
YGP (violon, voice, machines)
Jean-Paul Hervé (guitar/bass guitar)
Philippe Gilbert (Saxophone, machines)
Olivier Génin (Drums)



Artistic team : de 6 à 8 musicians., 1 VJay

Technical team : 1 sound engineer, 1 lighting

Public cible : de 7 to 77 old. Can be played in front of 60 people (theater) or 30.000 people (festival).

Environment : Concerts on outdoor or indoor stage.

Concert :duration : 1h30.

Plateau opening (min) : 10 meters open and 6 meters delph.



” L’arbre est le personnage central d’un récit développé par la musique, l’image et les mots. “





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