The TNL Shajara on television

First representation of the TNL Shajara announced on French television.

#2 planter des arbres : oui ! Mais comment ? Pas n’importe comment…

Yann-Gaël Poncet, concepteur des Transcontinentaux, pour le 3ième volet de cette famille de...

#1 Planter des arbres oui, mais comment ? Au japon, le botaniste Akira Miyawaki propose des solutions

Les Créations by YGP à la veille de lancer le TNL Shajara by YGP, le 02 Août prochain, dans le Parc Naturel Régional des Bauges, portent une grande cause : lutter contre la désertification ; dans ce cadre, elles sont toujours à la recherche de nouvelles solutions. Aujourd’hui, focus sur : le travail du botaniste Akira Miyawaki.


Jazz Quartet « S » by YGP at the Bémol 5 (8.30 PM) On Saturday 8 September 2018

Jazz Quartet “S” by YGP sera sur scène au Bémol 5 à 20h30, le samedi 08 Septembre 2018

Yann-Gaël Poncet

One voice and one instrument evolving in a world mixing electro jazz and musics of the world

Instrumentist (Violin, guitar, MAO) – Vocalist – Composer- Author

26 000 people

on the first round of the Transcontinentals

More than 400 shows

in four years

More than 100 000 during

the first round of the Fabric of Clouds

Collaborations with reknowned artists

Sergent Garcia, Oscar Miranda, Laurent Cugny…

Famous scenes and clubs

FIA (San José – Costa Rica), CCK (Buenos Aires), Crescent Jazz Club, Périscope, etc.

Zoom on the project Transcontinental

YGP belongs to this move which pushes the borders ever further, and even tries to suppress them so that our spirits be free from our usual constraints and opens us on unlimited possibilities …”

Dominique Scheidecker Founder of the festival BatÔJazz


The shows are outstanding. With a new way of approaching traditional musics, TGP creates with electro this dua which we thought was impossible !”

Berny Abarca General producer of FIA 2010 – 2014


“… I participated in the TNL Charango in Buenos Aires and in France. It is an atomic bomb. Yann-Gaël Poncet is to the violin what Jimmy Hendrix was to the guitar !

Sergent Garcia


“(…) On stage, he incarnates his songs like no one else ever did before. He vibrates through them and shares them with grace and generosity (…) His songs always have this humanitarian touch to them, vehiculate deep thoughts and striking images. This artist is way ahead.”

Serge Beyer (Longueur d’ondes)




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