Source : UNCCD
The desertification is a phenomenon that concerns us all. With « The creations of YGP », Yann-Gaël Poncet chose to participate in the fight against this phenomenon. He will bear this great cause in the third section of his family of projects : The Transcontinentals (TNLs). In the first place in the choice of the theme, ‘TNL Shajara » : (tree) in arabic, which will celebrate the tree as a federating element for human beings and as a bastion against desertification.  Secondly, because it will aim at allowing the public to know better about the causes and consequences of this devastating phenomenon through the listening of this encounter between French electrojazz and of vernacular musics from Maghreb. You will find here an article shared by the geographist Marie-Sophie Bock-Digne shedding light on this topic. Enjoy reading it and I will meet you after the holidays for more information about the third TNL « TNL Shajara » by YGP.The article can be downloaded ici.

Or on the blog Planète Vivante to be consulted  ici.