YGP’s creations invite us to discover the article that was published by the Carré d’Arts croisé about the relationship between the plastic artist (carving) Alain Bar and Jazz Music.

Alain Bar’s carving artistic creation on jazz is « the quest for challenge, for extraordinary, for poetry. It is about the quest for purity and accuracy ».

This might be what unites both artists, although they are evolving in very different artistic fields (Alain Bar is doing carving whereas YGP is playing  music). The Jazz Quartet « S » by YGP has been conceived as a laboratory, an intimate space dedicated to creation. The whole of compositions are written and composed and interpreted by YGP (violin and vocal), with Jean-Paul Hervé (guitar), Philippe Pipon Garcia (drums) and Vincent Lafont (keys) at his side.

YGP’s peculiar voice incarnates this quest for purity and accuracy.

Let the article take you away  > Read it here